Updated programme – register now!

Now is your last chance to register for the Contemporary Experimental Women’s Writing conference at Manchester. Don’t delay! Do tell your friends!

Here’s the updated programme:



Saturday 12th October

9.00-10.00    registration (Foyer, Martin Harris Centre)

10.00-11.30  panels 1, 2, 3

Panel 1: Angela Carter 1 (Chair: Helen Snaith) (Room: F20)

  • Jeannette Baxter (Anglia Ruskin), ‘Surrealisms, Fascisms and the Post-War Imagination: Re-reading The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman
  • Anna Watz (Uppsala), ‘The Feminist-Surrealist Poetics of Leonora Carrington and Angela Carter’
  • Heidi Yeandle (Swansea), ‘“I experiment therefore I am”: Angela Carter’s Experiments with Cartesian Thought’

Panel 2: Contemporary Novelists (Chair: Nadine Muller) (Room: SU14)

  • Zeynep Z. Atayurt (Ankara), ‘“This is a world of spectacles”: Metafictional Subtleties and Stylistic Variations in Elif Shafak’s Gaze
  • Jude Roberts (Birkbeck), ‘“Tell me a story”: Catherynne M. Valente and the Role of Narrative’
  • Christopher Vardy (Manchester), ‘“Deliriously ramshackle … history in paradigm”: Nicola Barker’s Darkmans

Panel 3: Contemporary US poets (Chair: Vona Groarke) (Room: SU15)

  • Simon Haworth (Manchester), ‘“It’s always some fortuity that traps me”: Unaccountable Subjects, Form and the Poetry of Chance – Marianne Moore and Jane Yeh’
  • Claire Hurley (Kent), ‘“What girl ever flourished in such company?”: Barbara Guest and the New York School’
  • Kat Peddie (Kent), ‘Questing beyond Disjunction: Susan Howe’s “Hope Atherton’s Wanderings” and Veronica Forrest-Thompson’s On the Periphery

11.30-12.00 tea and biscuits (G16)

12.00-1.30    panels 4, 5, 6

Panel 4: Christine Brooke-Rose (Chair: Natasha Alden) (Room: F20)

  • Joseph Darlington (Salford), ‘“Read less, live more”: Christine Brooke-Rose and May ‘68’
  • Stephanie Jones (Aberystwyth), ‘“To belong nowhere”: the Experimental Woman Writer and the Work of Christine Brooke-Rose’
  • Rebecca Pohl (Manchester), ‘“Formidable but engaging”: The Pleasure of Recognition in Christine Brooke-Rose’s Fiction’

Panel 5: Jennifer Egan (Chair: Ian McGuire) (Room: SU14)

  • Alice Bennett (Liverpool Hope), ‘“A New Lesson about Time”: Temporality, Social Networks and Reworked Modernism in A Visit from the Goon Squad and NW
  • David Hering (Liverpool), ‘Play it Again: Jennifer Egan and Dana Spiotta’s Musical Narratives’
  • Hope Jennings (Wright State), ‘“Form and Flux”: Music, Memory and the Permeable Past in Mary Gaitskill’s Veronica, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad and Dana Spiotta’s Stone Arabia

Panel 6: Translations (Chair: Jeannette Baxter) (Room: SU15)

  • Frances Kruk (Royal Holloway), ‘“slammed into walls”: Violence and the Impersonalized Subject in Danielle Collobert’s It Then
  • D.M. Grundy (Cambridge), ‘“Suicide of Dynamite”: Sophie Podolski’s le pay où tout est permis
  • Dominic Williams, Milena Marinkova (Leeds), ‘Translation as Relational Poetics in Erin Moure’s Poetry’

1.30-2.30       lunch (G16) / CWWA AGM (F20)

2.30-4.00       panels 7, 8, 9

Panel 7: North American Experiments (Chair: Linda Stupart) (Room: F20)

  • Georgina Colby (Westminster), ‘récriture feminine: Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School
  • Alex Porco (North Carolina), ‘Alice in Micropress: The Poetics of Alice Burdick’
  • Michelle Ryan-Sautour (Angers), ‘Surrealist Eroticism and Experimental Writing in Rikki Ducornet’s Short Stories’

Panel 8: Anna Kavan and Ann Quin (Chair: Joseph Darlington) (Room: SU14)

  • David Hucklesby (de Montfort), ‘“Clarity and Boldness”: Experiment and Autobiography in the Writing of Ann Quin’
  • Hannah Van Hove (Glasgow), ‘“Upright for the Upsidedown World”: Resituating Anna Kavan’s Ice and Ann Quin’s Passages
  • Victoria Walker (King’s), ‘The Experimental and Political Poetics of Anna Kavan’s Ice

Panel 9: Reading differently (Chair: Scott Thurston)  (Room: SU15)

  • David Kennedy, Christine Kennedy (Hull), ‘“Daughter’s inconsequence unloosed”: Reading, Writing and Theorizing in Emily Critchley’s “When I Say I Believe Women…”’
  • James Bailey (Sheffield), ‘Salutary Scars: The “Disorienting” Fictions of Muriel Spark’
  • Alice Entwistle (South Wales), ‘Between Form and Function: Reading Topos in Frances Presley’s “Stone Settings” and Carol Watts’ “Zeta Landscape”’

4.15-5.30       poetry reading, featuring Carrie Etter, Sophie Mayer, Frances Presley, Anna Reckin and Lucy Sheerman, and wine reception sponsored by Cardiff University (Room: John Thaw Studio Theatre)

6.00                Ali Smith event (Cosmo Rodewald Hall, Martin Harris Centre)


Sunday 12th October

9.00-10.30    panels 10, 11, 12

Panel 10: Creative Experiments (Chair: Katharine Cox) (Room F20)

  • Holly Pester (Birkbeck), ‘Code: Lyric: Clairvoyance. A Re-enactment of Hannah Weiner’s Work by Holly Pester’
  • Susan Sellers (St Andrews), ‘How Today’s Marketplace Stifles Experimental Writing: Thoughts from a Practitioner’

Panel 11: Image + Text (Chair: Liedeke Plate) (Room: SU14)

  • Diarmuid Hester (Sussex), ‘Lynne Tillman and Méret Oppenheim: Agency and Influence in Experimental Aesthetics’
  • Rachel May (Rhode Island), ‘Intermedial Work by Contemporary Women: Image + Text’
  • Linda Stupart (Goldsmiths), ‘Against Critical Distance: Kathy Acker, Chris Kraus and the Empathetic Exchange of Objects’

Panel 12: Politics and social change (Chair: Dominic Williams) (Room: SU15)

  • Diana Arterian (Southern California), ‘“Something Binding”: How Claudia Rankine’s American Lyric Weaves Public and Private Catastrophe’
  • Rosemary Deller (Manchester), ‘Ventriloquising Meat: Deborah Levy’s Diary of a Steak
  • Chris Witter (Lancaster), ‘The Subaltern Modernism of Anzia Yezierska, Tillie Olsen and Grace Paley’

10.30-11.00  tea and biscuits (G16)

11.10-12.10  keynote: Rachel Carroll (Teeside), ‘How Soon Is Now: Constructing the Contemporary, Gendering the Experimental’ (Room: John Thaw Studio Theatre)

Chair: Susan Watkins (Leeds Metropolitan)

12.10-1.00    lunch (G16)

1.00-2.30       panels 13, 14, 15

Panel 13: Devolutions (Chair: Heidi Yeandle) (Room: F20)

  • Ben Davies (Portsmouth), ‘Experiments in Dwelling: (being) in Ali Smith’s There but for the
  • Jane Stedman (Manchester), ‘Overspill: Location and Experimentation in Janice Galloway’s The Trick is to Keep Breathing
  • Bronwen Williams (Aberystwyth), ‘Memory and the City in the Work of Zoe Skoulding’

Panel 14: Feminist experiments (Chair: Kaye Mitchell) (Room: SU14)

  • Chris Clarke (Southampton), ‘Tracing the Survival of Eva Figes’s Early Experimental Fiction’
  • Kyoo Lee (CUNY), ‘Simone de Beauvoir as an Experimental Writer: The Second Sex as a Case in Point’

Panel 15: North American experiments 2 (Chair: Diana Arterian) (Room: SU15)

  • Jonathan Evans (Portsmouth), ‘Unoriginal Genius: Collage, Quotation and Pastiche in the Work of Lydia Davis’
  • Liedeke Plate (Radboud), ‘How to Do Things with Books in the Digital Age: Anne Carson’s Nox, Uncreativity and the Aesthetics of Bookishness’
  • Bryan Radley (York), ‘After Minimalism: The Case of Mary Robison’

 2.30-3.00       tea and biscuits (G16)

 3.00-4.30       panels 16, 17

Panel 16: Archival/intertextual experiments (Chair: Diarmuid Hester) (Room: SU14)

  • Natasha Alden (Aberystwyth), ‘Queering the Archive: Archive Fever and Contemporary Lesbian Historical Fiction’
  • Katharine Cox (Cardiff Met), ‘The Ties that Bind: Jeanette Winterson’s Narratives of Adoption’
  • Helen Snaith (Swansea), ‘The Hooded Executioner: Japanese Puppet Theatre in Angela Carter’s Fireworks

Panel 17: New voices (Chair: Alex Porco) (Room: SU15)

  • Angelica Michelis (MMU), ‘“I rename myself/Ufo woman”: The Experiment of Urban Performance Poetry’
  • Lucy Sheerman (Independent), ‘Out of Order: Conservatism and Experiment: The Relationship between Language and Technology in the Work of Susan Hiller, Imogen Stidworthy and Rachel Lichtenstein’
  • Scott Thurston (Salford), ‘Innovative Women Poets: The Next Generation’

4.30-4.45       closing comments (G16)




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